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I'm outta the grind! No comics for the next week, at least. Dont forget to read about Phentermine 37.5 mg for help with your diet.

Comment on this strip and look at older non-Mule strips at my

10/30/05: Too-fat is Back
Thank you Hurricane Wilma, for being the second hurricane this year to pwn my webserver. This is the first installment of a jam I'm doing with . Slag is his character, Slag is mine. Enjoy!

9/27/05: SPX RULED
totally ruled, but now I'm completely exhausted. Today's strip is a massive goof. is a great guy with a boundless work ethic, finely attuned sense of right and wrong, a sense of humor boisterous and clear. He also likes awesome comics, just like everyone else at SPX. In addition to that he has a tower of cranium where his forehead should be, and it is a shining beacon for justice. In short, Jeff is a beautiful human being, and I thank my non-denominational God(s) of choice that he let me stay with him. I hope he makes that comic he mentioned a couple times in time for next year's SPX, that would make it all the sweeter.

Full SPX report tomorrow.

9/20/05: The Mule
I'm putting the first two chapters of The Mule together as a booklet for the Small Press Expo. This is the final page of Chapter 2, I hope to start Chapter 3 next week, but I'm done with promises. I like long form stories. I'm more comfortable with them. What I'm not comfortable with is the pace they unfold in a daily cartoon, at least at the rate I can produce. I need to get by that. I'm proud of The Mule, and I want to see where Grey, Teddy, and the other characters I've created take me.

And yeah, one of Boot Hill's distant ancestor's is my jam buddy .

9/19/05: Another Week
It's just another week for me, but check out Monday's strip at, Absolutely gorgeous dinosaur/Calvin & Hobbes reference.

9/12/05: John Hill Jam!
It's the end of the summer, and to celebrate, and I are going to jam the week away with a little military madness. Enjoy!

9/9/05: Lies
Yeah, so that post yesterday? Lies. Maybe Monday will bring a better comic. This comic was brought to you by John Hill.

9/8/05: Wurrrgh
I realized I wasn't going to finish my awesome comic for tonight, so I knocked this out. Tomorrow's strip will be great, though. Promise.

8/29/05: More Zombies
Alright. Back to zombies! I've got a short trip coming up, so I'm going to try to post a couple pages to cover for me while I'm gone. All zombie, all the time!

8/22/05: The Mill
These comics are based loosely on my group in the online zombie RPG . It'll probably last 8-10 pages.

7/29/05: The Mountain
I'm going to the mountains tomorrow, thus the small updates for tomorrow (two panels) and Monday (one panel). Next week should be considerably less hectic, and if we get home early on Monday, I'll throw up some more stuff. I'm slowly getting back into the Mule groove. See you next week.

7/21/05: Ye Somme Extra Artte
I did these cover comps for a drawing class I'm taking. The first is pretty dull, but I think the second came out pretty well. They're just quickie compositions, so they're not super-polished or anything.

7/21/05: The Mule Returns
Okay, the Mule begins anew. If you miss Floatyhead, you can revisit his adventures on the Complete Floatyhead page. I need to remember to draw at high magnification. The line comes out much smoother.

7/20/05: Too Many Knights
This is the final strip of Too Many Knights. You can read the entire story, including the lead-up floaty head strips, on the Complete Floatyhead page.

7/19/05: Gore
Today's strip is part of , organized through the by . The story was already heading in this direction, but I bloodied it up a little to celebrate. Check out the thread for everyone's entries. Hoping to finish this thing tomorrow.

7/15/05: 100 Days
In Other News: This is my 100th update for the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge. That makes 20 consecutive weeks of weekday updates. Thanks for everyone who has stuck with me through the highs and lows of this challenge. I'm going to go for at least a year, at which point I will once again re-evaluate where I am in the comic. I've learned so much, both from doing this every day, and from talking to my fellow comic artists, that it's absolutely worth every moment.

In Other Other News: New Harry Potter book tonight at midnight! I'm also going to go to Bubba Ho-Tep this evening, introduced by Joe R Lansdale, the writer of the original story and, I believe, the screenplay. A busy evening, and thus the early update. I'm going to try to do two pages for the Monday update. I want to get back to the Mule, and this week of light posting has really gotten in the way of that.

7/7/05: GRUDGE MATCH!!
My Grudge Match with . Check out his . Good job, Tim! I'm glad we came out on different sides of this one.

7/5/05: SFA . . . not
eThis Floatyhead & Dirty Bird comic was supposed to be my submission for the , but I sort've over-scripted it and the story bloated to about 7 pages. I drew four of them, realized it would take too long to finish, and decided to just post it as my Grind stuff. The story itself is self-contained, but takes place after our Dynamic Duo of Disaster killed the Sun God. So no Mule for a while, but I am a little ahead of the curve for the first time since the early weeks of the Grind.

Also, tomorrow's strip will be a GRUDGE MATCH against of Chemical Comics, so this story will be interrupted. Cowboys vs. Robots. Be there!

6/17/05: Big Three-Oh
is the latest Grinder to drop out. Philippe's sensibility was, for the most part, tender and welcoming. His main comics, featuring a cartoony version of himself, are warm as a hug. So, even though it lacks even the least-sharp of edges, I really liked his strip. I'll miss Big Three-Oh, Philippe, and I look forward to your next work, whenever it comes out. Good luck!

6/14/05: Sleep Dep
I'm really tired. So enjoy a little piece of my sleepy brain. Just let the pen run on this one. The end of page 10 will be up tomorrow. How's the new layout? I'm still working on some parts of it (I know the Info bar doesn't work), but I wanted to get off the Secretland colors and topbar. Wow, should have just kept it up for one more day what with not doing The Mule today. ::sigh::

6/07/05: Doomsday
The Apocalypse Doctors are all named for elements of various end of the world scenarios. Shiva is the Destroyer. Gotterdammerung is the German term for the Doom of the Gods in Norse mythology, popularized by Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung cycle of operas. Gochihr is the name of the comet the Zoroastrians believe will destroy us all, and 12th Bal'Tum is the date the current world ends according to the Mayans. The Mule: Educational!

6/03/05: Jammin'
I've been doing some comic Jams recently. The first was the , which was a fun group experiment. I've also started a hopefully with . It's a lot of fun, and I want to do more.

6/01/05: Manga n' Fanart
I just got an ass-ton of manga in the mail, and have fallen in love with Hunter X Hunter again. I love manga layouts and I'm going to try to do more of them. This is my first try, mostly inspired by a couple pages from HxH (Grey's open mouth is modeled on Gon's, so long as I being 100% clear where my swipes are coming from).

I've also updated the fanart page. Very cool Grey sketch from and my winnings for naming Perkins the Mantis from . Sweet!

5/23/05: The Mule
A new ongoing story! I'm giving Secretland a rest. I hope you enjoy 'The Mule'. As things become clearer, I hope my aim of a fun, fast and furious fight comic will come to fruition. Thanks to for the inspiration to think off the beaten path. I'm really excited about this story. A site update is coming up. I'll be replacing the Secretland setup with a more generic 'Too Fat To Be a Rockstar Comics' look, with different sections for Secretland and my one-shots and short stories. Hold on to your hats, I'm back!

Out of the Grind
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